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Strategy, Management & finance through Technology

We use technology and mathematical models to solve problems for businesses in Southern Africa.

We are a team of actuarial scientists and computer engineers, who believe that technology and mathematics are the foundation of all business solutions today.

Strategy & Research


Finance Models and Risk Management


Web Services and Software


Dante Khumalo

Founder & Senior Partner

The Challenges we tackle:

Strategic challenges

Amid rising competition, disruption, complexity, and uncertainty, aligning leadership, driving innovation, optimizing operations, integrating mergers and acquisitions and embedding sustainability,.We can be the guiding compass to your success

Financial challenges

Almost every business, small and big, start-up or old, deals with financial challenges and needs. From funding needs to cashflow management, to tax compliance, debt servicing, investing options, inflation adjustments, budgeting and financial planning, our team of actuarial scientists are tailor made to solve exactly that.

Technological problems

Technology powers every business today, yet many struggle to harness its potential.Don’t underutilize or over rely on technology - find the right balance to drive success. Some companies underinvest, leaving gains untapped. Others overspend without focus. The key is balance - combining technological innovation with business fundamentals. We show how

Big Data issues

The explosion of large data volume, variety, and velocity presents both opportunities and obstacles for companies. While this avalanche of information enables more insightful analytics, it also strains legacy systems.Transforming unstructured data into actionable insights requires modernized IT infrastructure, skilled talent, and new data management processes.We must harness big data, or risk missing key opportunities in an increasingly data-driven global marketplace.

Our Expertise

Our Solutions

Our ability to project, model and quantify the future of your businesses and finances, using actuarial science, allows us to leverage technology in more specific and targeted ways for your business. This also allows us to touch, solve and fulfill the needs of almost all types of businesses, in different industries, from manufacturing, to retail, to corporate, banking, education, real estate, service businesses and many more.

It’s not technology for technology’s sake. Technology is the wheel to cart, the lever to the pyramids, it’s a vehicle to enable, it does not exist for its own sake, at least not in business. We use technology and actuarial science to solve strategic and financial needs facing businesses today and tomorrow.

Strategic Services

Maximize opportunities through data-driven strategic planning and execution.

Financial Services

Optimize financial performance via planning, forecasting, and risk management.

Technology Services

Elevate systems through custom software, web/mobile development, and IT transformation.

Big Data Analytics

Extract valuable insights from your data & Make sense of disorganized data to guide strategy and operations.


We build the best websites and Mobile apps, Crafting high-impact web and mobile solutions for engagement and growth.

Financial Modeling & Actuarial Services

We Accurately forecast and optimize future financial performance.

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    Align on Outcomes

    Collaboratively define target outcomes, success metrics, and scope and Immersive upfront research and interviews to understand the client's business and goals.

    Data Collection &Diagnostics

    Gather quantitative and qualitative data through interviews, research, surveysto pinpoint true underlying issues.

    Opportunity Analysis

    Identify areas for improvement, growth and transformation and Collaboratively develop a strategic blueprint tailored to the client's objectives.

    Strategy and Implementation Planning

    Leverage expertise to design tailored strategic, operational, and technology solutions.Define roles, resources, timeline, risks, and mitigation tactics.

    Flawless Execution

    Apply proven implementation methodologies, project management and change enablement.

    Results & Measure Impact

    Track defined KPIs to demonstrate success, continue optimizing.Ensure clients are equipped with tools, skills and knowledge for ongoing success.

    We are not gurus your consult with , we are expert problem solvers for your businesses

    Let's solve your problem